Official Statement 12/21/2023
Official Statement
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Turkish Football Federation has been working on the impact of the so called "super league" on European football and following the developments closely for a long time, which is the subject of the decision taken by the European Court of Justice on 21 December 2023.

Football, a unifying force for billions worldwide, thrives on the robust foundation established by UEFA and FIFA. These organizations foster competition, offering equal opportunities to all those passionate about playing the sport. UEFA's football pyramid, a testament to its role as the umbrella organization for European football, ensures inclusivity for players and clubs at every level. Stakeholders contributing to the system's proper functioning find encouragement through UEFA's support.

We want to reaffirm our commitment to advancing football under UEFA's leadership, the esteemed regulatory authority for the sport in Europe. Our stance, clearly articulated in our statement titled "European Super League is an unacceptable initiative" on 19 April 2021, remains unchanged. We stand firm in our dedication to preserving the integrity and unity of European football.

Turkish Football Federation
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