Güneş: "We are at the beginning of the road" 11/18/2019
Güneş: "We are at the beginning of the road"
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Turkish A National Team head coach Şenol Güneş spoke at the press conference after Turkey beat Andorra 2-0 in the last match of 2020 UEFA European Qualifications Group H.

Güneş remarks his players' both individual and collective strength was the difference in game and stated:

"These players are young. We are at the beginning of the road but we are satistifed with their performance at the moment. We could have push harder tonight, but there was ne need to do so. They did their job well. We will have 23 players with us at the tournament. This is a competition. But this young group of players should know that it's not the end with EUROs. They can play 2 or 3 tournaments together but they need to be successful this summer first. Competition brings quality and success. Who brings this competition to the team are more than welcome regardless of their age.

Enes Ünal: Important thing is to be ready anytime and help the team

22 years old forward Enes Ünal played 90 minutes against Andorra and scored his first goals for the National Team. Ünal stated: " I try to be ready to play whenever. Scoring both goals was joyous for me. It does not matter if I play or not; I am trying to be ready anytime and help the team in the best way that I can.

Ahmed Kutucu for the first time

19 years old Ahmed Kutucu made his debut for the National Team against Andorra. Played 85 minutes in the game, Kutucu stated "It was a huge honour for me to wear the National Team jersey. All my teammates were so helpful, it was a great night for me" after the game.

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