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Turkey's UEFA EURO 2024 Bid Dossier was declared to the public 9/21/2018
Turkeys UEFA EURO 2024 Bid Dossier was declared to the public
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UEFA EUR0 2024 candidate nations Turkey's and Germany's bid dossiers was declared to the public before the UEFA Executive Committee meeting on September 27 to decide the host nation of EURO 2024.

On April 26, 2018, Turkish Football Federation submitted a bid dossier to UEFA on the subject of hosting EURO 2024. The dossier includes all details on twelve different topics such as stadiums, transportation, financial - legal matters and technical infrastructure.

Turkish Football Federation President Yıldırım Demirören said that Turkey's UEFA EURO 2024 Bid Dossier has revealed a global vision and stated the following:
"Our main goal is to reach new and fresh audiences, increase the commercial income and expanding European football's boundaries. With our government's investments on football infrastructure, we are already preapared to host a spectacular tournament."

The nation to host EURO 2024 will be deciced and announced at the ceremony on September 27, Thursday. The ceremony will be made at the UEFA Headquartes at Nyon, Switzerland, at 15.45 UTC+ Turkish Time.

Click here to view Turkey's UEFA EURO 2024 Bid Dossier.

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