EURO 2024 candidacy logo and motto launched 1/19/2018
EURO 2024 candidacy logo and motto launched
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Turkey continues her candidacy studies for the 2024 European Football Championship and a meeting was held to launch the logo and motto in Riva.

Held in the Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities Orhan Saka Hall, the promotion meeting organized for the launch featured Minister of Youth and Sports Osman Aşkın Bak, TFF Chairman Yıldırım Demirören, TFF Board Members, TFF Honorary Chairman Şenes Erzik, , A National Team Technical Director Mircea Lucescu, Clubs Union Foundation Chairman Dursun Özbek, beIN SPORTS CEO Yousef Al-Obaidly besides 2024 Sports Promotion Envoy Barış Telli and many reporters.

Centred on the candidacy process for hosting the European Football Championship, the meeting included a video presentation stressing our desire to organize the tournament set in a scene of the nominated city and stadiums while Turkey's logo and motto for the UEFA EURO 2024 was made public.

EURO 2024 motto; "Share together"

UEFA EURO 2024 motto was announced to be "Share together." Students and academics from113 universities made 2808 applications in the contest organized by TFF to pick the motto. UEFA EURO 2024 motto "Share together" is intended to convey the following message to the European football public: "We promise to bring together in Turkey people from all walks of life with the 'most popular sports' in the world. Let us come SHARE TOGETHER our passion for football, beauty of Turkey and lasting heritage of the tournament."

Logo stresses heart, football, star and number 24

As a result of the competition featuring 864 applications made by students, academics and graduates of the related departments from 99 universities, the logo showing how our hearts beat together for the UEFA EURO 2024 was picked. The logo also features a ball representing our love for football, our star on our flag and stresses 2024.

The eventual goal of the TFF to host the European Football Championship and the joy of that ideal is represented in the number 2024 in the shape of a heart. The colour red on the logo of Turkey for UEFA EURO 2024 represents universal friendship and tolerance. The fashionable black colour seeks to add wisdom to the European Football Championship. Black represents power in colours and the ball symbolizes teams, team spirit and the search for excellence.

Official website launched, the official website of the candidacy, has been launched in English and Turkish in an effort to share all the details about the candidacy with the European and Turkish public. The website also promotes the cities in Turkey EURO 2024 will be organized in and will share the candidacy process with the entire world.

9 cities 10 stadiums will host

Turkey's 2024 European Football Championship Finals candidacy file features 10 stadiums in 9 cities. These cities and stadiums are:

İstanbul (Atatürk Olympic Stadium and Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex Türk Telekom Stadium), Bursa (Metropolitan Municipality Stadium), Antalya (Antalya Stadium), Eskişehir (Eskişehir New Stadium), Gaziantep (Gaziantep Stadium), Konya (Metropolitan Municipality Stadium), Trabzon (Şenol Güneş Sports Complex), Kocaeli (New Stadium), Ankara (New Stadium).

Winning country to be announced in September 2018

UEFA 2024 European Football Championship process began when the official application requests began to be sent to the member countries on 09 December 2016. On 03 March 2017 Turkey and Germany applied as candidate countries. On 10 March 2017 the candidacy of the two countries became official after the application and the two countries will upload their candidacy files to the UEFA system electronically on 27 April 2018. The UEFA Board meeting to be held in September 2018 will select the country that will host UEFA EURO 2024. Turkey and Germany, which are both on the board, will not be allowed to vote in the process.

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