The story of ''Kanki'' 11/12/2012
The story of Kanki
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The official mascot of FIFA U20 World Cup Turkey 2013, ''Kanki'' gets his name from the Turkish phrase Kanka which means '' Blood Brother'' in Turkish. He's a one year old adorable puppy. In other words he's the equivalent of a 14 year old teenager that is full of energy. He was born in a village called Kangal of the Sivas province.. This unique breed of dogs that were first bred by our Oguz Turk ancestors are being pampered with special care and training in dog farms nowadays.  Kanki is one of these lucky puppies.

Kanki is a good tempered, cheerful, obedient puppy.  He's full of joy with the enthusiasm of his adolescence . He likes to run and play with his brothers in the green fields of his hometown. He gets on really well with kids and senior people. He is full of compassion and he has a high protective instinct even though he is not fully grown yet.  He learns quickly and he has a great memory.

Kanki has a new excitement in his life lately.  He just found out that FIFA U20 World Cup 2013 will take place in Turkey. He can't wait to meet the future stars of world football and thrilled that he will be able to play football with them. He's looking forward to meeting football fans from all over the world. He's already packed for his trip to the seven host cities of the FIFA U20 World Cup 2013.

Kanki, who is a noble, friendly and protective dog like all other Kangal dogs will share the welcoming, warm and courteous qualities of Turkish culture with all visitors. He will stand against all immoral and unhealthy behaviors.

Key Characteristics

• Young, dynamic, polite, friendly,
• He is determined to show the Turkish hospitality.
• He doesn't speak, only expresses him self through his actions.
• He is very patient with children and he's very good friend for them.
• His happy disposition makes him a natural crowd pleaser.
• He likes to dance, mimics and show off his football talents.
Gestures / Poses

• Waving hands
• Laughing: Place hand up to the mouth and nod the mascot head forward in rapid motion
• Blowing Kisses: Place hand up to the mouth and nod the mascot head forward in rapid motion
• Hugging: Be gentle when hugging.  Children may feel shy or intimated by a big presence
• Heart Shape (I love you):  Make a heart shape with your thumb and index fingers.
• No.1 sign: hold up index finger.
• Claps: Raise both hands over the mascot head and clap to encourage audience.
• High Fives: hold open hand up in front of/ above the mascot face with the palm pointed forward.
• Dances: no huge movements, move side to side, spin around a little, bend over a little and up, run in small steps.
• Sleepy: place both hands on one side of face to indicate nap time or tired.

FIFA U20 Dünya Kupası Maskotu "Kanki"
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