UEFA Winter Referee Course official dinner held 2/2/2012
UEFA Winter Referee Course official dinner held
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Official dinner of UEFA Winner Referee Course was held in Mardan Palace, Antalya. 150 guest attended to the official dinner including TFF Referee Committee President Yusuf Namoğlu and TFF Referee Committee members Zihni Aksoy and İlhami Kaplan. The birthday of UEFA Referee Committee member Kyros Vassaras also celebrated in the dinner.

Deputy General Sectary of TFF Orhan Ertanhan made a speech before the dinner, underlining the TFF's motivation to organize these events "We are pleased to host you in this event. We don't want to wait another 11 year to host such an event"

Turkish Referee Committee President Yusuf Namoğlu said that they are pleased to host Europe's top referees in Turkey. "We thank to UEFA Referee Committee to decide to hold this event in Turkey. I wish success to all the referees in the second part of the season. I also congratulate and wish success to the referees who will be in charge in Euro 2012." he added.

UEFA Referee Committee Member Pierligi Collina praised the quality of the event. The organization is perfect. We didn't have any problems beside the weather conditions. We are staying in a wonderful hotel and organizing a perfect event. We have to applaud the organization staff of UEFA and the TFF for the high quality in this event." he said.

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