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Fenerbahçe is out from UEFA Champions League for this season 8/24/2011
Fenerbahçe is out from UEFA Champions League for this season
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According to the letter from UEFA to TFF on 23 August 2011, in the perspective of chicane investigation in Turkey, it was mentioned that Fenerbahçe, who was the champions of Spor Toto Super League last season, should be withdrew from 2011-2012 UEFA Champions League. If the club will not choose this option, then TFF should banned them for entering the UEFA Champions League. If either of this options will not be adopted, then UEFA can start its own disciplinary investigation and can apply disciplinary sanctions against TFF, claimed by UEFA.

After the arrival of this letter, the situation was quickly informed to Fenerbahçe by TFF. According to Fenerbahce's letter to TFF on 24 August 2011, it was said that the club can not make any decision in deed about this important issue.

After these incidents, TFF Executive Committee decide to meet in a urgent meeting today. According to the meeting's decision, TFF forbidded Fenerbahçe to play in UEFA Champions League for this season considering the disciplinary sanctions that to be exposed to both Fenerbahçe and TFF in the future.
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