Turkey has taken the 3rd star in Grassroots: ''Football for Everyone'' 11/2/2010
Turkey has taken the 3rd star in Grassroots: Football for Everyone
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Turkey successed to take 3rd star from UEFA in its third year of Grassroots Charter.

After being a member of Grassroots Charter in 2007, Turkish Football Federation had organized many tournaments and activities in different categories in different regions according to Grassroots: ''Football For Everyone'' programme.  In 2009, the number of license for Grassroots: ''Football For Everyone'' had increased up to 240.000. With the support of Ülker, the main sponsor of Grassroots: ''Football For Everyone'', many projects had been developed for children. At the end of these activities, Turkish Football Federation has taken its second star.

With the effect of other social responsibility projects about including disabled people and young girls into the football ground, Turkey has reached to take its 3rd star for Grassroots: ''Football For Everyone.''

Ersun Yanal, TFF General Director of Football, made a speech about taking third star from UEFA and said: ''With Grassroots: ''Football For Everyone'' activities, we aim to diversify the football and increase the number of persons to play football. We encourage our people to make a sport in every place and every situation with Grassroots projects. In the same time, we contribute to create a ''sport culture'' more effective than the current situation in the country. The development of children after participating in football is also very important. With this reason, we are studying to develop the current leagues and arrange new leagues. Especially, we want that Turkish girls will be part of this game. We want to take fourth star to develop women's football healthfully in Turkey.''

Grassroots Charter Star System was created in 2004 from UEFA. In this system, the Grassroots activities of member countries is evaluated. The member countries reach to take a star, starting from one star basic level, according to their activities about social responsiblity projects especially in development of women's football and disabled people, the number of participating person and to be encouraged of Grassroots activities.
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