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Personal Information
Place of Birth : HOPA
Date of Birth : 7 February 2000
Nationality : TC
Football Agent :
Licence Information
Licence Number : 1732335
Club : 1461 TRABZON FK
Contract Start Date : 4 August 2021
Contract End Date : 31 May 2024
Date Of Country Exit :

Current TeamContract Start DateContract End DateLicence TypeLicence Issue DateDate Of Country Exit
ARTVİN HOPASPOR   First Licence23.12.2011 
ARTVİN HOPASPOR   Amateur Transfer02.01.2013 
ARTVİN HOPASPOR   Amateur Transfer10.10.2013 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş.   Amateur Transfer08.09.2014 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş.   Amateur Transfer03.09.2015 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş.   Amateur Transfer31.08.2016 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş.   Amateur Transfer25.08.2017 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş.   Amateur Transfer07.08.2018 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş. 16.01.201931.05.2023First Time Professional21.01.2019 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş. 16.01.201931.05.2023Visa21.08.2019 
ARTVİN HOPASPOR 17.07.201931.05.2020Temporary Transfer21.08.2019 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş. 16.01.201931.05.2023Visa17.09.2020 
EXENPAY YENİ MERSİN İDMANYURDU FUTBOL A.Ş. 04.09.202031.05.2021Temporary Transfer17.09.2020 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş. 16.01.201931.05.2023Visa27.07.2021 
TRABZONSPOR A.Ş. 16.01.201931.05.2023Mutual Termination04.08.2021 
1461 TRABZON FK 04.08.202131.05.2024Domestic Transfer03.09.2021 
1461 TRABZON FK 04.08.202131.05.2024Visa17.08.2022