UEFA EURO24 Bid Brochure

50 PREMIER STADIUMS: UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES With our experience of hosting major sports events like the legendary 2005 UEFA Champions League final, the 2009 UEFA Cup Final, the 2013 FIFA U20 World Cup, Summer and Winter Universiades, and World Championships in several sports, we have learned that our great hospitality sets us apart. We will ensure a highly professional event and provide the participating 24 teams and all attendees with perfect memories. We will provide an unforgettable stay through our welcoming people, reliable public transport, easy access to accommodations for all budgets, alternative recreational opportunities, and our wonderful climate. The Republic of Turkey, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, has built 37 state-of-the-art stadiums across the country and established football areas in cities and rural areas investing more than €3 billion. Two new stadiums will be reconstructed for the tournament, whilst one venue’s seating capacity will be increased. Atatürk Olympic Stadium This stadium, which will be constructed from scratch, not only will be the new home of Turkish football and national games, but will be a lively venue with concerts, meeting and conferences and many other events throughout the year. Mirroring the modern Turkey, Atatürk Olympic Stadium will offer a unique fan experience thanks to its tribunes that will move closer to the pitch, impressive acoustics and special hospitality areas where the player tunnel entrance and mixed areas can be seen. Ankara Stadium: This new stadium, with a closed area of 300,000 m 2 , has been designed to be not only for football, but also as sports complex for various individual and team sports. The open-air areas suitable for restaurants and commercial facilities will be established within the structure of the stadium and integrated into the city. The stadium not only contributes to football teams in Ankara, but also to the social life and architectural texture of the city. This is not just a stadium; it means more for the capital city of Ankara. Antalya Stadium: With a charming view of this renovated stadium, there are many tourist spots and social facilities around the stadium. It hosts official and friendly matches at international level. A cauldron of sound, the stadium is inspired by amphitheatre and is planned to host a quarter-final game in the tournament with a capacity of 43,616 spectators. CITY STADIUM STATUS CAPACITY UEFA COMPLIANT BOXES/ LOUNGES YEAR BUILT ANKARA Ankara To be Rebuilt 65.307 147 2021 ANTALYA Antalya Existing (To be Renovated) 43.616 52 2015 BURSA Bursa Existing 43.761 72 2015 ESKİŞEHİR Eskişehir Existing 34.930 48 2016 GAZİANTEP Gaziantep Existing 35.219 54 2017 KOCAELİ Kocaeli Existing 34.712 48 2018 KONYA Konya Existing 37.829 54 2014 İSTANBUL Atatürk Olympic To be Rebuilt 92.208 191 2023 İSTANBUL Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex Existing 53.611 149 2011 TRABZON Şenol Güneş Sports Complexi Existing 43.223 50 2016